Month: June 2021

Vinyl Flooring Options for the Consumer

Choosing the correct type of flooring for your project is a decision that can have effects for many years to come. Flooring for areas such as kitchens and areas not covered by carpeting or alternative flooring options are those for which vinyl flooring may provide the best option. Vinyl flooring is available in a wide variety of designs for which the consumer can choose and can be purchased in a range of different pricing levels.

Many consumers do not realize that there is a difference between vinyl and laminate flooring choices. Vinyl presents a superior choice over laminate floorings when the area of installation is susceptible to moisture. Vinyl is also a preferable to laminate in terms of lifespan and durability factors as it has been shown to have a longer lifespan than laminate products. The method that the flooring design is applied to the floor is also different between vinyl and laminates as vinyl is embossed into the flooring while laminate has the design printed on top of the material.

Vinyl flooring products are manufactured using PVC as it's core material while laminate flooring is manufactured using High-Density Fiberboard. Vinyl plank flooring generally measures from 2mm to 8 mm in thickness in different layers of material. The first layer of the vinyl product is the core or base layer of vinyl which is either flexible or rigid depending on the manufacturer. The second layer also made of vinyl is the pattern or design layer which provides the hardwood or tile look to the material. The last layer of the process is the application of a wear layer which is made of a hard transparent plastic material which protects the flooring from water damage, scratches or other hazards. There are also some vinyl plank products in the higher end of the price range which come with an attached underlayment for a more comfortable feel or an additional topcoat for additional protection for damages.

Vinyl flooring provides consumers with a choice as to appearance, feel and wear that can fit into any budget or application needs.