Month: September 2021

What Damages Could You Recover Through Truck Accident Claims?

Damages can be defined as being a legal term for what you are entitled to because of the negligence of someone else. If the injury is serious, you recover much more in damages. 

The big problem with truck accidents is that injuries are almost always serious. The compensation that is at stake is almost always a lot higher than in the regular car accidents. Right after truck accidents, you can receive compensation for several possible damages. Working with highly experienced Munley Law tractor trailer accident lawyers allows you to receive money for things like:

Medical Expenses

Medical damages can encompass all your current medical bills, like for emergency treatment, ambulance services, physical therapy, surgery, and so on. Also, you are entitled to receive damages for all the anticipated medical costs. This is determined based on injury extent and nature. 

Lost Wages

Such damages are made out of the benefits and the income that you are going to lose because you cannot work as you are injured. Calculating lost wages is not as difficult as you might think. 

Property Damages

This is the most obvious compensation you will receive after the truck accident. It is made out of the money you lost as decided by the damage that was incurred to your property. This actually includes things like your personal computer and your phone, if they were inside the vehicle when the crash happened. The repairs that are needed for the vehicle are obvious as damages you should be compensated for. 

Lost Earning Capacity

When your injuries are serious after the accident, which often happens if trucks are involved, the party at fault needs to make payments to cover whatever lost earning capacity you have to deal with. For instance, if you break your leg and it cannot properly recover, you might not be able to do your job anymore. If this is the case, you would receive financial compensation to cover the fact you will not be able to work anymore. 

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

After the truck accident, expenses quickly stack up. The law understands this and will give you the right to get compensation for all out-of-pocket expenses. For instance, in order to receive medical treatment, you might have to pay for travel to and from your doctor. You might also need to hire a physical therapist and buy an adaptive device, like a wheelchair. In all of these cases, damages include these expenses. 

Loss Of Companionship

The legal term often used in this case is “loss of consortium”, when discussed in relation to the spouse. The legal term “loss of parental guidance” appears when discussed in relation to the victim’s children. Legally, these are all damages that will compensate your loved ones and you for losses associated with family relations. 

Disfigurement And Scarring

In trucking accidents, scars are quite common as an outcome. This is especially the case in the event that serious burns or lacerations appear after the collision. When you become disfigured as you are involved in the accident, compensation is given to you for the scarring’s economic costs and embarrassment that the injuries are going to cause in the future.